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About Deborah

Serving God and His Church is my passion in life. God surprised me with a gift for writing, and I am enjoying exploring this newfound love. Challenging, inspiring, and equipping fellow believers to pursue their greater purpose in the Kingdom of God drives me to continue investing myself in others through preaching, teaching, coaching, and writing. My husband, Jeff, and I have been serving our home church, Cornerstone Nashville, and our community for over twenty-five years.  Jeff and I have been married for over thirty-one years and delight in pursuing Kingdom work alongside our adult children. Our oldest daughter, Kirsten, and her husband, Jordan, have been married almost two years and enjoy art, photography, and missions work. Heather, our second-born, and her husband, Seth, are small group leaders and have been married a little more than a year. Jonathon, our son, is twenty-one and travels the United States on tour as an audio technician. His passion is working with live bands in the Christian sector. We are blessed with such great kids!


Global Ministries 

Giving Pakistan Jesus Christ through Teaching and Preaching

Early in 2017, I was given the opportunity to do a women’s Bible study through video conferencing with women in Pakistan translated by Pastor Peter. In a nation that is 98% Muslim and oppressive to women, this has been an incredible opportunity! Since that time, our ministry presence has grown exponentially. I’ve been privileged to teach several Bible studies, preach two women’s conferences, start DSM School of Ministry for young men and women, and provide some of their poorest children with textbooks and supplies.  Young men, women, and children are being ministered to, gloriously saved, and baptized.  Here are a few pictures of what God is doing through this beautiful relationship halfway around the world.


Featuring: God Of Rest

Rest tends to be synonymous with weekends and vacations, but what if there's a rest that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? In our weariness, that idea seems too good to be true. Perspective plays an integral part in our ability to live in true rest. Our daily choices are borne out of our perspective and often keep us running in the same, relentless circles. But, what if we allowed God to shift our perspective, giving us the opportunity to see beyond our limited lives? Our existence, then, takes on new meaning, and our choices begin to reflect a new way of thinking. God of Rest will take you on a challenging journey of honesty and renewal, launching you on a healthy trajectory toward your rest-filled future.


A Foreword From My Pastor, Maury Davis

Traveling with a group from Cornerstone Nashville, as well as my pastor, J. Don George, and his group from Calvary Church in Irving, we took a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee. As we boarded the boat, all the pastors were asked at some point to give a short devotional. I was caught off guard as I was just enjoying the trip as anyone else. I thought, "God, you will need to inspire this because I have nothing prepared!" The ride was smooth, and as worship music was played the people worshipped and enjoyed the moment. I will never forget the moment the boat driver stopped that big diesel engine…the sound of silence was deafening. Immediately the Spirit gave me a thought... It is in your praise that I create My presence, but it is in your silence that I speak to your heart, soul, and spirit-man. I stepped into the area of the boat to give the devotion and asked everyone to "listen to the silence."  I waited until I could see those facial expressions where God was speaking into lives and then spoke for a moment only.... What I discovered is that REST comes from being willing to put yourself in a place most people do not consider and that our current culture does everything it can to cover up with its continual chatter through social media, electronics, radio's, tv's etc... As you read this book, get in a quiet place, let the sound of silence envelope you, and through these chapters take a journey to a very special place.... a place of REST!


Maury Davis, Senior Pastor

Cornerstone Nashville